Scholarships – FAQ


Who may receive the scholarships?

Under the Act, the children (under 20 years of age) of Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Toarangatira and Te Ati Awa enjoy first preference. Due of the amount required for these children, no second preference applications (children of other iwi) are likely to receive grants in the foreseeable future.


What types of scholarships are granted?

Secondary Schools Scholarships:

Open Day (Non Boarding) – $300.00

Boarding (Open and Church) – $1,000.00

Tertiary School Scholarship:

Tertiary Scholarship – $1,000.00


When do the applications close?

The applications for 2017 must reach the Board by 07 October 2016.  Due to the volume of applications late applications will not be considered.



When will the scholarships be announced?

The grants for 2017 will be announced in November 2015  at a venue yet to be confirmed. A panui with details will be distributed later.


 The Application Form – What do I do with this form?

 There are two parts to this application form:

1.         “Nga Mātua (parents) me te Akonga (student)”

             This is to be filled in by the parents and the student and sent to your hapū/iwi member along with

             the Hapū/Iwi Report.

2.         Hapū/Iwi Report

            This is to be filled in by one of your hapu/iwi members listed in the attached appendix and then returned to the

            Board along with the completed Ngā Mātua me te Akonga form.


What does the Board do with the applications?

The Board does the following:

(a)               Verifies the whakapapa (to be first preference)

(b)               Notes the potential of each applicant to benefit from a scholarship and to contribute to the further development

                    of Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Toarangatira and Te Ati Awa.


The Board uses the following:

  1. the information supplied by parents and students in the application form

  2. the content of the Hapū/Iei Report

  3. first hand observations of applicants and of their families by Board members (at marae events and in other circumstances) and

  4. any other reliable commentaries which are relevant

  5. prepares a list of the applicants and allocates the available funds accordingly.


 Does the Board grant every application?

It is inevitable that some applications will be unsuccessful.  The Board hopes, however, that all applicants will:

(a)                continue their studies

(b)               accept invitations to hapū and iwi activities, and

(c)                apply again.

Whether or not a first preference applicant is a holder of a grant from the Board she or he is a valued member of the Confederation of Ngati Raukawa, Ngati Toarangatira or Te Ati Awa.

Please ensure that the scholarship form is fully completed!! The Board will contact you should we need any further information in regards to your application form. Scholarship forms will not be accepted if they are not completed.


 Who should I contact for further information or queries about the scholarships?

Margaret Davis on 06 364 9011 ext 711 or email to